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I want to play this game ...

To feel what it's like to be a startup CEO who grows a global business empire!

To gain business skills to win a new job, further my career, or start my own business!

Will you crush the competition or collaborate for mutual success?

Winning in this game prepares you to level up in the real world.

This is the most realistic and authentic business management and entrepreneur training experience ever created.

  • Start and operate manufacturing, retail, transportation, banks, and professional services businesses.

  • Be an entrepreneur, lawyer, marketer, or investment banker.

  • Manage and investment portfolio. Issue, buy, and sell stocks and bonds, and even IPO your business.

  • Invest in social causes.

Run a Virtual Business

You choose your career path in GoVenture World. Be a CEO and operate large companies in different markets or be an Entrepreneur and create new businesses in emerging sectors. Other roles include Lawyers, Marketers, Investment Bankers, and more. Apply your real-world expertise in your own virtual businesses or learn brand-new skills. You decide!

Part GAME. Part SIMULATION. Part MOOC. All EXPERIENCE. GoVenture World is the most authentic business management and entrepreneur training experience ever created. Gain real-world employment skills, have fun, and prepare for your own startup while competing and collaborating with players around the world in a global massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that’s not just a game — it’s real!

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