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Gaming media offered a preview of the next big innovation in educational MMORPG

The soon-to-be-launched GoVenture World MMORPG has the potential to be the biggest innovation in the history of entrepreneurship education.

Mathew Georghiou, CEO and Chief Experience Designer, of MediaSpark Inc, a leading innovator in educational games and simulations, is offering the gaming media an opportunity to preview what he believes will be a significant innovation in massively multiplayer online gaming for education. The upcoming GoVenture World MMORPG will enable thousands or millions of players around the world to play the game simultaneously for fun and learning.

The objective of the game is to build a successful business, while competing and collaborating with other businesses to manufacture, acquire, and sell products or services. Players can choose to start manufacturing or retail businesses. They can also choose to be lawyers, protecting intellectual property and mediating disputes. They can be marketers who help other companies promote their products and services. And, they can be investors, providing debt or equity financing to other businesses, or purchasing stock on the GoVenture World stock exchange.

GoVenture World gameplay is a radical departure from existing educational-focused virtual worlds, which tend to be primarily driven by avatar meeting spaces, virtual goods, minigames, and multiple choice interaction. GoVenture World gameplay is designed to keep players engaged in high-level thinking, decision making, and interacting with each other instead of the technology.

Georghiou said, “GoVenture World represents our vision of the future of learning: experiential, social, and gamified. Today, people tend to think of learning as something you do by going to a classroom or sitting with a computer or tablet for hours on end. GoVenture World directly integrates learning into our daily lives through the proven effectiveness of an MMORPG.”

GoVenture World is designed for everyone: teenagers and adults, gamers and non-gamers, people with plenty of free time and those without. It is a deeply social experience that is easy to use and playable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices for maximum convenience in day-to-day life.

Georghiou added, “Our objective is to change how the world thinks about learning. There’s lots of buzz around ebooks, tablets, smartphones, and gamification in general, but little discussion about how life experience is perhaps the single most powerful way to shape lives.”

GoVenture World is designed to facilitate life experience, and does so first with the two topics that are top of mind in the world today: entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Through GoVenture World, players will directly experience the thrills and challenges of business and how the global economy functions.

“Only through an MMORPG like GoVenture World can we simultaneously expose potentially millions of people to these concepts and deliver authentic learning experiences that would take years and decades to achieve in the real world. It goes far beyond seminars, events, business plan competitions, and other current methods that are useful but not scalable. In fact, we believe GoVenture World has the potential to be the biggest innovation in the history of entrepreneurship education,” said Georghiou.

MediaSpark believes that the life and business experiences delivered through GoVenture World will be so realistic that players will put their game stats on their personal resumes. “Despite the fact that World of Warcraft offers an incredible learning experience, most people don’t put their WoW accomplishments on their resumes because it’s a combat and fantasy-based experience that most employers cannot relate to. But, GoVenture World will provide meaningful experiences that are as realistic as those gained in the real world,” added Georghiou.

GoVenture World will be made available as a private Alpha and public Beta in the coming weeks and months. The GoVenture World video trailer, user guide, and innovations are available on

About MediaSpark Inc

MediaSpark is an award-winning software development, publishing, and gamification company. MediaSpark applies the power of educational games, simulations, and social networks to the subjects of entrepreneurship, business, money, health, community economic development, and other subjects. MediaSpark has been an industry pioneer for over a decade, designing, producing, and commercializing innovative solutions under its own brands or those of its clients. MediaSpark’s work is global and impacts people in all walks of life.


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