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GoVenture World User Guide

Gameplay Details

Starting Up

  1. Create an account with your own username and password. Use this login to access the game from one or more computers or mobile devices. You may not create and/or control more than one GoVenture World account. When creating your account, you must use your real name and information, but you can keep this information hidden from other players - see Privacy

  2. Start a new business - choose manufacturing or retail. You are provided enough money to launch this first new business with enough working capital to run it for several months (GT) before you have to start generating revenue and profit.

  3. Choose a location for your business. Retail businesses can only serve customers within a certain distance from their location. Manufacturing businesses can sell products anywhere in the world, but will be impacted by manufacturing costs, shipping, and duties. Service businesses (such as Law Firms, Ad Agencies, Investment Banks) can only serve businesses in their native country. If there are no service businesses in your country, you will be allowed to engage with service businesses in nearby countries, within a certain distance.

  4. Follow the in-game tutorial.

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Monetary currency in GoVenture World is called g money. g money is like dollars, pounds, euros, yen, pesos, etc. but it is a fictitious currency. g money is used to for all financial transactions and ultimately represents your financial success in the game.

  • The symbol for g money is g (always lowercase)

  • g is used to prefix financial amounts, such as: g400 g1 g45

  • g money is always in round numbers (no decimal values or periods).

  • Commas are used to separate thousands, such as: g300,000

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Holding Company

When you create your account in GoVenture World, you are creating a Holding Company. A Holding Company is a business under which all of your Operating Businesses will fall. The Holding Company controls your cash and all of your businesses. You are the Holding Company.

You must name your Holding Company. This is the name that will represent you and all your businesses. Your next step is to create a new Operating Business, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of your Holding Company. Your first business must be either a Manufacturing or Retail business. You must always operate one of these businesses, but later you can also start any number of new businesses of any type that are available.

Features of a Holding Company:

  • You may open and close other businesses, but you cannot open or close your Holding Company. Your Holding Company and your GoVenture World account are the same.

  • Any loans you may incur will be assigned to your Holding Company, not with your individual Operating Businesses.

  • Lawsuits are with your Holding Company, not to your Operating Businesses.

  • Stocks and bonds purchased will be held by your Holding Company, not by your Operating Businesses.

  • Issuing stocks and bonds will be by the Holding Company, not by your Operating Businesses.

  • Trademarks are associated with Holding Company names.

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Business Name

You must choose a name for your Holding Company. This name will represent you in GoVenture World.

  • You must also choose names for your individual Operating Businesses.

  • Each of your businesses can have similar or very different names.

  • All business names will be prefixed with your Holding Company name. This keeps your Holding Company name visible at all times and makes it easy for players to identify which Holding Company owns which business. Example Holding Company Name: Ford. Example Retail Business Name: AutoWorld This is how this Operating Business name will appear: Ford-AutoWorld

You may also choose to protect your Holding Company name by registering it as a Trademark.

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Choosing a location for your Operating Business is an important decision. Each country has different market demand, business operating costs, shipping costs, and import duties.

Retail Business can only sell to consumers in the country in which it is located.


Retail Business in Canada can only sell to consumers in Canada.


Manufacturing Businesses can sell to retail businesses anywhere in the world.


Cars manufactured in Canada can be sold to retailers in the USA and Australia.

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