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GoVenture World User Guide

Roaming Events.jpg
  • Roaming Events are visible on the world map.

  • An Event looks like a hurricane being tracked on the map, but an Event can be more than just weather, it can be anything — a labor strike, power outage, or even a pandemic.  

  • Events can have positive or negative effects on businesses. Negative effects include an increase in operating costs or loss of inventory. Positive effects result in new revenue.

  • An Event appears as three concentric circles. The inner circle provides the highest effect while the outer circle has the least effect.

  • Manufacturing and Retail businesses located under the Event circles will experience the effect for as long as the business remains under the Event. For example, a business under the Event circles for 3 days GT will have the Event consequences triggered 3 times. Other business types are not affected.

  • Businesses affected by an Event will be notified with an in-game message.

  • An Event has no direct effect on businesses outside of the Event circles but those businesses may experience other related consequences, such as:

    • A supplier may lose inventory they were planning to ship to you, delaying delivery.

    • A local competitor may lose inventory, providing more sales for you.

    • A local competitor may gain money allowing them to reduce prices.

    • Many other scenarios are possible.

  • The past location and trail of an Event is visible on the map and the current direction of the Event is shown with an arrow head. An Event can move at different speeds and change direction at any time. The Event icon on the map is updated at the end of each day GT.

  • An Event may roam the world over several days RT before it disappears and is replaced with a new but different Event.

  • If you believe an Event is headed in the direction of your business, review the consequences of the Event and plan accordingly in case it hits you.

Roaming Events


  • Every Holding Company has its own Website that other players can view.

  • A Website displays information about the Holding Company, its Operating Businesses, history, reputation, and other data. Confidential business information is not shown, unless you choose to display it.

  • You can post news, comments, and updates on your own Website.

  • Players can post comments on each other’s Websites.

  • Players are encouraged to create their own Websites, videos, and other online content outside of GoVenture World as well. This might demonstrate your commitment to playing GoVenture World and thereby motivate other players to want to do business with you.


  • Challenges are short games and activities that you can play to earn Business Experience Points (bXP), g money, and the wisdom to be successful in business and life.

  • You must fully complete a Challenge to earn the rewards.

  • You can view Challenges you have started, completed, and missed.

  • Some Challenges can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, while others can only be done on a desktop computer.

  • New Challenges are added to GoVenture World every few days or weeks.

  • Challenges may expire on a certain date, so be sure to complete them on time.


  • Minigames are available to play for fun and learning.

  • Minigames can be quickly launched and played for short periods of time.

  • Your performance results in a minigame may contribute to your overall GoVenture World success. For example, playing a manufacturing mini game may allow you to quickly add product inventory to one of your businesses (rather than waiting the hours or days needed to manufacture products in the normal game). Playing a retail minigame may increase your sales revenue immediately.

  • GoVenture Time is abbreviated as GT. It is presented in Years and Days.

  • Real World Time is abbreviated as RT. Real World Time is set based on your preferences, which usually means the time zone where you are personally located.

  • Time never stops in GoVenture World. Whether you are logged in playing or not, the GoVenture World clock and economy continues to move forward.

  • GoVenture Time advances approximately 12 times faster than in the real world.

  • One year in GoVenture World takes one month to play in the real world. One day in GoVenture World is 2 hours in the real world. One hour in GoVenture World is 5 minutes in the real world.

  • Accounting in GoVenture World is automated. All in-game transactions are recorded and available for you to review in a number of financial statements and reports.

  • You can also use the data in the financial statements and reports to do your own in-depth analysis of your business, by copying and pasting the data into a separate spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers, etc.).

  • GoVenture World uses accrual accounting. Accrual accounting posts transactions as they happen, which may or may not be at the time cash is exchanged between players. There are many resources on the Internet that you can review to gain a better understanding of accrual versus cash accounting methods.


Communicating with Other Players

  • You can communicate with other players through in-game messaging.

  • There are two types of in-game messages: (1) Regular messages can be sent at any time to any player on any subject; (2) Process Messages are sent based on a specific activity, such as offering to purchase a product, hiring a service provider, etc.

  • Messages include your Holding Company or business name but not any of your personal information. You can remain anonymous as long as you choose to keep your personal information hidden.

  • If you wish to disclose your personal information in order to communicate outside of the game using other methods, such as email, instant messaging, etc. you may do that at your own discretion and risk. Caution should be used when sharing personal information.

Business Experience Points

  • As you play GoVenture World, you will earn Business Experience Points.

  • Business Experience Points are prefixed with an "x", such as "x250". "bXP" is the abbreviation for Business Experience Points.

  • You can earn Business Experience Points when you take positive action. This could be a significant action, like starting a new business or completing a challenge, or a basic action, like reviewing your financial statements.

  • A ribbon will appear each time you earn Business Experience Points.

  • Business Experience Points help build your reputation. They demonstrate your level of activity, knowledge, and skill in GoVenture World and in business in general.

  • You cannot "cash in" or "spend" your Business Experience Points, but a minimum number may be needed to unlock certain features in GoVenture World.  For example, you may not be able to start a new business unless you have a certain number of Business Experience Points.

  • There are many ways to earn Business Experience Points, see if you can find them all!

  • Earn bXP by referring other people to play GoVenture World using your Referral Code

  • When you play GoVenture World, you are assigned a level status.

  • You have a level status based on the amount of Equity (Net Profit) you have accumulated. And, you have a level status based on your number of Business Experience Points.

  • Your Equity level status will level up and down as your net profit fluctuates.

  • Your Business Experience Points level status will generally keep leveling up (not down), since you cannot cash in or spend Business Experience Points.

  • Your level status helps build your reputation. Try to keep leveling up as much as possible.

Level Status

How you interact with other business owners (players) affects your reputation. If you communicate clearly and do business honestly, you will build a positive reputation and more people will want to do business with you.

Players can post their comments (positive or negative) about their experiences doing business with other players on the company websites.



  • As you play GoVenture World, you will be given the opportunity to earn many achievements.

  • Achievements are badges that are displayed on your smartphone and website for others to see.

  • The more you try and the more you accomplish the more achievements you will earn.

  • Some achievements are held forever once earned. Others may be held only while you are meeting the required guidelines (such as first in revenue, first in profit, etc).

  • Achievements may also include additional bonuses, such as g money.

  • Courses are available for players to take at any time.

  • Taking a course improves your knowledge, wisdom, and ability to succeed in GoVenture World and in real life.

  • Courses may be free, or may cost g money, or may cost real money.

  • Taking and successfully completing a course may earn you achievements, experience points, and other benefits.


GoVenture World Marketplace

The GoVenture World Marketplace is the place to go to purchase g money, merchandise, and other products.

  • You may play GoVenture World without disclosing your real name and personal information to other players. By default, other players can see your Holding Company name, Operating Business information, and in-game activity, but not your real name or personal information. It’s up to you to decide if you will share your name and personal information with other players. Caution should be taken when sharing personal information.  Note that your real name and personal information is visible to GoVenture World administrators.

  • Even though you may play GoVenture World anonymously with other players, you may not create an anonymous player account. All player accounts must use accurate personal information (required by GoVenture World administrators).

  • You may not create and/or control more than one GoVenture World account.

  • All players must abide by the GoVenture World Terms of Use



  • Extensive help and tutorials are available.

  • You may even earn achievements by using them.

Help and Tutorials

  • If a player does not play GoVenture World for a long period of time, their account will become inactive.  (The time may vary but will likely be around 10 days RT.)

  • An inactive player will not be visible in the game and cannot earn or lose money.  The player account becomes frozen and helps avoid running out of money and going bankrupt due to inactivity.

  • An inactive account will be automatically reactivated when the player logs back in to GoVenture World.

Inactive Players


  • The Groups feature makes it easy to monitor the progress and performance of a group of people playing GoVenture World.  This feature is useful for teachers and trainers who want to monitor their students playing GoVenture World, or among friends who want to compare their performance results against each other.

  • Monitoring and comparing the performance of individual players in GoVenture World is possible without using the Groups feature, but doing so can be very time consuming to find all the data on different reports and cluttered with the results of potentially thousands of other players. The Groups feature provides all key data in one place and filters out all players that are not members of the Group.

  • The Groups feature does not change the GoVenture World gameplay in any way.  Players continue to compete and collaborate with others around the world.  The Groups feature only makes it easy to monitor the progress and results of specific players that you choose.

  • Multiple Groups can be created and any number of players can be in a Group.  The same player can join more than one Group.

  • Using Groups as as a player: 

    • To join a Group as a player you must first unlock the Groups feature. You need a KEY to unlock the feature. A KEY is a 32-digit code that unlocks the feature for a certain amount of time (such as 1 year). This subscription can be extended for longer periods of time.  Unlocking the Groups feature may have a cost — contact the GoVenture World team

    • Once you have a KEY, to unlock the Groups feature, log in to GoVenture World and click MY PROFILE in the building menu. Find the Groups box and enter the KEY.

    • Once unlocked, you can join any number of Groups at no additional cost. Groups are not public — to join a Group, you must be invited by a Group Manager (see below).

    • Once you join a Group as a player, you can view the progress and performance of all players in the Group using the Group Dashboard. To do so, click the DASHBOARD button that is visible in the Groups box on the MY PROFILE screen.

  • Using Groups as a Group Manager

    • To create a Group, you must be a Group Manager.  A Group Manager can create Groups, invite players to join specific Groups, and monitor the progress and performance of players within each Group.

    • To be granted Group Manager privileges, you need a KEY to unlock the feature. A KEY is a 32-digit code that unlocks the feature for a certain amount of time (such as 1 year). This subscription can be extended for longer periods of time.  Unlocking the Group Manager feature may have a cost — contact the GoVenture World team

    • Group Managers log in to the Group Manager Dashboard at    The first time you log in or create an account, you will be prompted to enter your KEY. This will set up your privileges and subscription duration.

    • Using the Group Manager Dashboard, create a new Group.  This will generate a unique Group Number.  Give the Group Number to any player that you want to join your Group.  Inform them to follow the directions above, under Using Groups as a Player. A Group Manager can also request KEYs to be provided to players to unlock the Groups feature.

    • A new player can join a Group at any time. Group Numbers are not made public through GoVenture World, but it is possible that your Group Number could be discovered by others. Unwanted players can be removed from a Group by using the Group Manager Dashboard.

    • Group Managers can also act as players and join Groups created by themselves or other Group Managers.

Referral Codes

  • Earn business experience points (bXP) by referring others to play GoVenture World.

  • Post a comment, write a blog, record a video, tell friends and families‚ do anything to encourage people to play GoVenture World.

  • Include your personal referral code and instruct new players to use it during signup to earn bXP.

  • Your referral code is the name of your Holding Company.

  • When a new player signs up and uses your referral code, they will immediately earn 200 bXP and you could earn 200 bXP — see below.

  • Promote your referral code as far and wide as possible. Feel free to copy and paste text from the marketing website, use screenshots from the media kit, or use your own text and screenshots or other graphics ... up to you. Here is sample text:
    " is the most authentic business game ever made and it's free to play! Sign up using referral code _________ to earn 200 business experience points!"

  • Players cannot use their own referral codes.

  • Players using a referral code will immediately get their bXP award.

  • A referring player will not earn bXP until the player who used the referral code has achieved 2,000 bXP in the game. This is intended to discourage players from farming bXP with fake accounts. Players attempting to exploit this feature will be penalized.

  • Players will receive an in-game notification message each time their referral code is used and each time they are awarded bXP.

  • If you change the name of your Holding Company, you will still earn referral bXP from players that have already created accounts, but new players must use your new referral code.

  • The CEO Training tutorial has a field for the referral code.

  • Players who return to the game after a RESET can use a referral code.

Roaming Events
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