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GoVenture World User Guide

About GoVenture World


GoVenture World is a global business simulation. You will launch and operate businesses while competing and collaborating with other players around the world.

Always On

GoVenture World is a perpetual virtual world. Your business is always on and always evolving, even when you are not logged into the game.


Play as little as a few minutes every few days, or dive deep several times a day. It’s up to you. Use a computer, mobile device, or email to manage your business.


GoVenture World is pure business. It is not based in fantasy or combat. Your business is virtual, but your experience is so real that you will want to add it to your personal resume.


Compete and collaborate with others around the world. Play mini-games that directly contribute to your overall business success.


Gain entrepreneurship, business, finance, communication, negotiation, organizational, critical thinking, and other important skills that will help you achieve success in your life. Special features for instructors and students are also available.

Easy & Deep

Easy to start and easy to play, yet deep in its gameplay. Business types include manufacturing, retail, ad agency, legal, and investment bank (with more to come). Start one or more business types in one or more industries.


Ease into the game with simple step-by-step tutorials. You do not have to directly communicate with other players unless and until you want to. Your personal information remains private - choose to share as little or as much as you like.


Free subscription options allow you to play at no cost. If you want to dive deeper, additional features and options are available at a low cost.

In GoVenture World, manufacturing businesses create products and sell them to retail businesses. Retail businesses purchase products from manufacturers and sell them to simulated consumers.


When you start your first business, you can choose to be a manufacturer or a retailer. Later, you can start other types of businesses. You can negotiate buy and sell agreements directly with other players, or trade on the open markets. As you run your business, you can purchase useful services from other business types, including Law Firms, Ad Agencies, and Investment Banks, which are managed by other players.


Law Firms trademark your business name, mediate disputes between you and other businesses, file and defend lawsuits, and act as financial escrow agents and bankruptcy trustees.

Ad Agencies conduct marketing for your company, including email campaigns and banner and video advertising.

Investment Banks help you raise money by issuing loans, floating bonds, or underwriting your stock issue.


Time advances approximately 12 times faster than in the real world. One year in GoVenture World takes one month to play in the real world. One day in GoVenture World is 2 hours in the real world.

As you grow your money, you can use it to start new businesses or build a personal investment portfolio by buying stocks, bonds, and issuing loans to other players.

Businesses are located in specific countries and regions on the GoVenture World map. Countries vary by population, consumer demographics and psychographics. Countries also vary by government income tax and duty rates, and general business operation costs. You can lobby government to change your rates.

Summary of Gameplay

Game Tutorials

Your Objective

Your objective in GoVenture World is to start and manage one or more businesses. Your success is measured by these four factors:

  1. Equity
    Equity is the sum of the profits you make by running one or more businesses. Equity also includes any dividends or interest received from investments you make in the stocks and bonds issued by other businesses, as well as any change in value of those stocks and bonds when you sell them (called capital gains).

  2. Business Experience (bXP)
    You earn business experience points (bXP) by taking action and accomplishing objectives. You will earn bXP as you play. Once you earn bXP, it's yours forever because you cannot lose or spend bXP. Some actions will require that you have a minimum amount of bXP, so you will want to earn as much bXP as you can.

  3. Rating
    Rating is a score that you are assigned based upon your equity, bXP, and cash. A high rating indicates that you are financially successful and have been actively playing GoVenture World. A low rating may mean that you are a startup and/or not financially successful. Rating is a score from 0 to 100% and is calculated as follows: 40% bXP + 40% EQUITY + 20% CASH. The values for bXP, EQUITY, and CASH are normalized based upon how a player compares to all other players in GoVenture World, where the highest value is assigned a score of 100%.

  4. Reputation
    How you interact with other business owners (players) affects your reputation. If you communicate clearly and do business honestly, you will build a positive reputation and more people will want to do business with you.

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